Posted on October 31, 2016

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This year, we picked up our pumpkins from a local farmer’s stand. He had these strange grey/blue pumpkins which he said were good for cooking. I think they are Queensland Blue pumpkins, but am unsure to be honest. We ended up getting two perfect orange ones to carve and a grey/blue one to cook. Lewis carved his into a wolf on a cliff and I stuck to the traditional face.

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We then roasted the seeds which were delicious.

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For the blueish pumpkin, I chunked it up and roasted the middle to make a puree.

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And then we made a delicious pie with the filling! (Lewis did the crust and I did the filling). It came out amazing, as it was the first time I have ever made a pumpkin pie. Kiwi tried pumpkin for the first time and seemed to really enjoy it. I had enough puree left over to make some chocolate pumpkin scones!

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