Christmas Holiday
Posted on January 5, 2016

For Christmas this year, Lewis and I went to St. Ives, Cornwall to visit some of his family. We went down a few days before Christmas to spend some time hanging out there. We had our own little apartment next door to his families. It was quite the treat!

20151224_103108 IMG_20151224_123734

The first full day we were there, we explored the rocks on the edge of the ocean and enjoyed some of the local pubs as well as some home cooked meals. We checked out the lights at night on the docks and the boats after the ocean had gone back out.

20151224_220809 20151224_221123

Christmas Eve is when the real celebrating happened.

It is a tradition, for Lewis’ family, to do an “arcade day” on Christmas eve. All year long, they save up all their change, then divide it between all of us on Christmas eve. Equip with a whopping £13.07, we headed off to the arcade. We only had an hour to make as much money as we could. I mainly played this Pac-Man 10p machine. It was quite fun trying to get my coin through the boxes, so that the computer screen would give me combos. I got 50 coins (jackpot) twice, making me the winner with £12.37 upon leaving. After that, we had drinks and went back to their home. We had a fantastic dinner of Turkey before popping our crackers. I freakin’ love those things – no idea why we don’t have them in America. We also lite fire to a Christmas pudding! Another tradition I was just learning about.

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The next day, we did Christmas brunch, gifts, and I got an amazing new microphone thanks to Lewis! Now if only I had a solid desk to put it on…. That’s something to work on for the future. Anyway, after gifts, the weekend sort of wound down, and we just hung out for the next couple of days before taking the drive home. Waiting for us, was our own little tree and a beautiful topper (well really just an ornament, but are tree is tiny, so…).

IMG_20151227_223052 20151225_122028

It was a very merry Christmas.