Adventures in Sweden
Posted on July 3, 2016

I got the opportunity to go to Sweden for a game jam. While there, I got to explore an epic castle and the area surrounding it.

20160705_121728 20160703_210738

Sweden is quite interesting – everywhere we went was so well looked after. There are flowerbeds, sculptures, and you know, a giant castle. We spent most of our time in the castle as that is where the event took place. This was the Orebro Castle in Orebro Sweden. It was quite modern, but still very cool inside and out.

20160705_121246 20160704_203155

Around the castle there was a moat, and beyond that loads of art. My favorite sculpture was a giant popcorn kernels spread in the grass. There was also a giant bowl, sculptures of people, a giant bench, and a giant duck made out of rubber tyres. All around Sweden, there are also sculptures of a scale model of the solar system. Jupiter’s planet happened to be outside a nearby church, which was really cool to look at. Sweden is also full of loads of nature and animals that aren’t very afraid of humans, you can walk right up to ducks and they don’t even mind!

 20160703_181601 20160703_182459

As part of the event, we got to see a sword fighting demonstration where some people fought with swords. This was really quite pleasant – watching them fight and explain the different swords and how to fight with them. We were able to fight some of the people there as well. The sword demonstration happened in a big field nearby – as it does not get very dark until late in Sweden. Around midnight or later the sun sets.

The games and development were a main focus of this trip, but seeing Sweden was pretty cool as well!