Adventures in Spain
Posted on June 30, 2016

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I spent some time in Spain to go to some indie game related events (mainly a indie themed pool party and a Spanish gaming awards). Videos on these events can be found on my YouTube channel. Here I am going to be talking about my more tourist-y events. Lewis and I landed in Spain (where I had never been before) to a strange hot place. I had never been to a country I did not speak the language of, so it was quite interesting hearing people around me not speaking English. Regardless, we had the whole day to explore this country. Spain is an amazing place, one of my favorites thus far. I only had four days in it, but those four days were amazing.

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Anyway, the first day was a lot of walking around Barcelona – seeing little shops and general life in Spain. We had dinner at a tapas restaurant, trying loads of little dishes. I really enjoyed the fried eggplant chips and potatoes bravas. I really enjoy the idea of getting loads of little foods instead of one meal of a lot of one food. After that, we went to an internet cafe, which was not what I imagined. This place was more like a lan-party, not like a coffee shop with free wifi. From there, we were picked up by the couple who were generously hosting us. They lived in Gava.

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The next day was spent at the beach, soaking up the beautiful sun and exploring the area around Gava Beach. I love the ocean, especially this one. It was very cool – a great relief in the hot, hot sun. From there we went to a ice cream shop and split some delicious slushiest before going home. A lazy day at the beach is a must when in Spain. I found it quite interesting that people came along the beach selling drinks or food to the people sitting in the sun. We also went out to eat and generally hung out at bakeries and markets. There is a real community feel in Spain. Children playing in the streets, elderly people sitting in benches in the sun. People are generally fine with you not speaking Spanish and stumbling through the words.

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The next day, Gava seemed to be having some sort of festival. Our hosts explained it as some loud fireworks – but it turned out to be much more. At first, children were just appearing – playing in the streets, on bouncy castles flooded with water and bubbles that appeared. Then, statues of different strange animals appeared. These statues, we were told, represented legends in Gava’s history. Each one had a story to tell – even the 6 breasted pig and witch riding a dragon. It was explained that at night, the children would hold fireworks and run through the street, then run through fire. Personally, I thought that this was a mistranslated. Children would certainly not run through the street with fireworks and especially not through fire. This is exactly what happened. As nightfall came, bands marched along with these statues in between. Pieces of these statues had fireworks strapped on and children were given fireworks on small poles that were then lit. These children were dressed as demons or monsters. They then danced around, the sparks hitting the crowd. This was an amazing site – nothing like it anywhere in the world.

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The next day our host took us around Barcelona. He showed us the main street, fountains, and the beautiful buildings located in this amazing city. All of the buildings are front lit during the night, showing off the impressive architecture. Some of these buildings are really, really mind blowing. One we saw was covered in mosaic tiles – glimmering in the light around it. Another was waving in and out, curving up towards the sky. To end the night, we saw the Sagrada Familia, the most beautiful, breathtaking building I have ever seen. This is a huge church that has been worked on for over 300 years. Each pillar, side, angle – all looks different. You can see beautiful stained glass, angles and words carved into the massive building, and tons of wonder and beauty. This is one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen. Spain is amazing. I hope to go again soon.