Adventures in America
Posted on March 5, 2016

As many of you know, I spent the month of February in America! Home of my family.

I went back there originally to sort out some more boring visa stuff, but we did have some good times. The first night though, was a bit of a bad start.

I have been having some stomach problems for a while now, something that I figured would be sorted out while I was back in a place that I had heathcare in. I guessed it was a stomach ulcer – hurting on and off, but going away if I ate a little something or walked around or whatever. Anyway, the first night I was there, I woke up with the same stomach pains. I ate a little bit, walked around… and… nothing. Still crippling pain. So I waited… still pain. Five hours on, I figured time to go to the ER. So, after hours of tests, they found that my gallbladder had been producing stones for the last 6ish months and it needed to be removed. The first week of our little “vacation” back in America was spent waiting for the surgery, where the second week was recovering from surgery.

IMAG1392 IMAG1394

After all of that boring stuff was over, it was time to celebrate both Lewis and my birthdays! (His birthday is the day after mine.) We decided to go to New York’s state capitol, Albany, to see a planetarium. This planetarium was a bit small, but still a cool thing to see. All of the stars were illuminated above us, swirling around. They mainly focused on stars and constellations, but it was still nice to watch. After the stars had gone out, we figured why not walk around the capital of NY?! It turns out though, Albany is a bit of a rough area. From my childhood memories of beautiful buildings and the NY state museum, we found mostly trash and broken buildings. Not to mention, most of the place was deserted. It was quite strange, beautiful marble buildings surrounded by trash, broken windows, no one in site. After that bust, my grandmother decided to give us a birthday party.

IMAG1466 IMAG1497

The Great Escape Lodge (a local hotel with an indoor water park) was where this party took place. My sister, her boyfriend, my brother, and my grandparents all went to have fun in the almost summer like heat of the hotel. This is quite the neat place, as outside there was tons of snow, but inside felt only warm and a bit wet. We went on water slides, the lazy river, a giant water-playground of sorts, and more water slides. The day was pretty fun! Afterwards, we had food at Johnny Rocket (the most delicious milk shakes EVER) and Lewis and I got to stay the night in the hotel. Lewis enjoyed the arcade where he played his first ever game of Skee Ball, soon learning how to sink the ball into the 10,000 slot, destroying my high score. Skee ball is one of the games from my childhood – a game of skill, not chance – where you have to roll the ball into the little circles on the screen. Apparently, Lewis had not played before. We went home with the riches; a couple of glow in the dark bouncy balls and some sour patch kids.

IMAG1470 IMAG1532

We celebrated our birthdays at my other grandparents place by having a big birthday dinner with that side of the family. It was small, but very pleasant. I got some really neat water shoes to wear to the beach – they look like sneakers but have little holes to drain out water and sand, as well as dry super fast. We also spent some time visiting some friends (though there never is enough time for that) and seeing some of my little sister’s school play practice. She got the lead role of Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family!

Once our time was up, I returned home to England, where I now am. It’s good to be back, but I am glad I got to see all of my family.