About Me

Hello! My name is Jupiter Hadley and I am a person who loves indie games. Over the years I have been addicted to Neopets, Minecraft (had a server there for a while), Team Fortress 2, and Portal 2. I have a love for indie games, especially game jams. A pet peeve of mine is for games to not have arrow key control and not be windowed. I tend to record most of the indie games that I love on YouTube and even write about them on Fireside and AlphaBetaGamer but you can find some of my old articles on Shoddypixels.com and Indielicious.com. I really love playing all the games in game jams and attempt to record all of the entries. From time to time I attempt to try and make little games (or just game making tutorials) using Game Maker.

Contact: Jupi@JupiterHadley.com